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Jake is a killer. All his goals from last year. 

I know everyone is tired of the ALS icebucket challenge, but Bernie Parent’s accent cracks me up. 

Craig Berube 1 on 1: Looking Ahead Video - NHL VideoCenter - Philadelphia Flyers

Murderlegggggg! Although he probably won’t make the Eagle’s roster, he has the highest rating for hit power in Madden history.

AD Ben Jay: 'Very real possibility' that Hawaii drops football

Notre Dame’s uniforms for the shamrock series powered by Under Armour. 

Mo’ne for president.

Mo’ne for president.

It was a true and sincere honor to have started my career with the Oakland A’s, and I wish the players, the coaching staff, the front office, nothing but the best of luck moving forward and in the postseason, and I hope you win it all. I want you to know it was a great pleasure to play there, and I just want to say thank you to everybody over there.

- Yoenis Cespedes

MLB tribute to the late Robin Williams. RIP.

MLB tribute to the late Robin Williams. RIP.